Welcome to "Am Krakower See" campsite

Whether you want to go cycling, horse riding, hiking, bathing, fishing, sailing or surfing, or just enjoy the art and culture - our gorgeous, ethnic scenery offers sheer relaxation any number of ways to unwind.

You're led from place to place by the endless shady tunnels of the ancient tree-lined avenues. Massive megaliths - witnesses to the early history of this region - are just waiting to be discovered. Extensive woodlands, meadows and pastures, increasingly rare moorlands, flora and fauna point to our unspoiled countryside.

Romantic little manors and castle enchant with the glamour of days gone by and bear witness to the fact that our ancestors already well appreciated the lovely charms of the region.

Our scenery, formed in the Ice Age, with its wet areas, moors and wide expanses of woodland and water, is home to many species of plant and animal. The watercourses are nesting grounds for the rare white-tailed eagle and a veritable paradise for countless waterfowl, otters and beavers. Storks on the stubble fields, cranes and resting bird flocks on their way to the sunny south or the far north are an impressive natural spectacle. And huge areas are protected by nature and landscape conservation orders to make sure it stays that way.

There are numerous well-signposted cycle and hiking trails inviting you to discover and experience the distinctive scenery. Perhaps you'll take a look at the beautiful old tree-lined avenues as they captivate you with their play of light and shadows.

As well as the green hills and dense woods, glistening lakes characterise the view of this distinctive countryside. The broad expanses of water of the large lakes are ideal for paddling, sailing and surfing. Or discover the countless hidden little lakes, just great for bathing.
Picnic areas and jetties scattered along the watercourse paths offer plenty of opportunities for interrupting your trip when you feel like it.

Anyone just wanting to relax will use one of the modern passenger boats for a round trip on the lakes and enjoy the wonderful view.
The waterways, with their astonishing abundance of fish, are an angler's paradise. The cosy fish restaurants are recommended for fish fans, which of course know how to prepare undreamt-of culinary delights as well as plain hearty fare.

Motor sport enthusiasts meet up in Malchin and for the Bergring race in Teterow. Holidaymakers, visitors and locals are bound to encounter one another at one of the innumerable traditional folk festivals and craft fairs in the idyllic little towns and villages.

A very hearty welcome!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Campingplatz am Krakower See · Windfang 1 · D-18292 Krakow am See

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